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Project-based App Development

We quote each project based on your UI/UX files, and that’s all you pay for!!! This is a good option to start our collaboration, and a long-term option if you want full control of your costs.

Get s*** done!

We will learn how you prefer to get your apps developed. That way you can scale up with us without compromising your great quality.

Scale as needed

Our team is trained to deliver native iOS and Android apps according to best practices and standards. When you need to add more developers to your team, we have them for you.


Communication, communication,... Most problems arise out of poor communication. Disappointed with a freelancer? That's why you're scouting for a new development partner in the first place, right? We work closer with you.

Working Process

During onboarding, we will ask how you like things done so we can ensure your app look and feel just like they should when coming from your agency. That’s our idea of white label development

01. Non-Disclosure Agreement

As a white label partner, non-disclosure is at our core. We don’t reveal who we work with so your projects won’t be seen in our portfolio and we happily sign an NDA at the start of our partnership.

02. Plan Milestones

It’s difficult to keep track of projects that have a longer development time. In order to structure such complex projects, project plans are created that provide an overview of results, deadlines and costs.


03. Develop

By default we’re using only SKDs that are native to the platform. For iOS apps we use Swift. For Android apps use Java and Kotlin. We build mobile and tablet apps that are available to the public and for internal use. 

04. Deploy and Deliver

We deliver all the source code and documentation to you without our branding. Our developers build deployment-ready code that follow Apple and Google guidelines and will get approved to be distributed by App Store and Google Play. 

So what’s next?

Let’s talk about your next project!