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LifeOnScreen enables advertisers to:

  • Find public screens and other digital signage devices on a map
  • Choose one or many screens for their marketing campaigns
  • Book the public screens
  • Upload custom advertising content on chosen screens
  • Segment DOOH advertising campaigns based on different audiences based on gender, age demographic, nationality, average ticket spend and income


LifeOnScreen helps screen-owners:

  • Put their digital screen assets on the global map to attract advertisers worldwide
  • Earn commission for each booked advertisement playing on their devices (up to 20 devices)
  • Facilitate asset management by using LifeOnScreen’s own hardware and network
  • Gain insight about performance of their public screens


LifeOnScreen is the best way to connect: The best way to connect with:

  • Advertisers and screen-owners worldwide on a single marketplace
  • Franchise companies such as Gold’s Gym, Raddison Blu, NStyle Lounge and others



LifeOnScreen Global Limited 

Services Provided

iOS App Development,
Project Management,