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Dedicated Developers

Hiring dedicated app developers remotely can help your agency scale faster, and get reliable capacity to always deliver on time.

We help you focus

Save in on hiring, office space and HR obligations while at the same time protecting your "Revenue per Employee" KPI. Your team prepares the designs, our team knows how to code them as custom mobile apps.

Direct contact

You decide how you want us to build your app, and with a dedicated app developer you communicate directly through Slack, Teams, Basecamp,...


It’s easy to add or remove the number of dedicated app developers on your team. Get the capacity you need to deliver your projects, without worrying about idle developers.

Why hire an app developer from a white label agency?

When you hire an app developer from our team, you get the flexibility of a freelancer with the added benefit of a managed service. That means better stability for your business, and easier to scale up when you need more websites developed.

Your developer will always work in our office under the supervision of managers and technology experts to ensure that they are working effectively on your projects.

The capacity you need

We can increase and decrease the number of app developers on your remote team from month-to-month.

If you get busy, we can add a developer to your team or take on additional projects on a fixed-price basis. If you have a period of slower sales, we can remove a developer from your team.

Developer rates

You reserve dedicated developers 40h/week at a fixed hourly rate that corresponds to their level of experience.
The minimum commitment is only 1 month since we know your demand can vary and want you to be nimble.
Send us a message to learn about our hourly rates for hired dedicated WordPress developers.

Junior Developer

  • 1 year of dev experience
  • Basic CRUD apps
  • Basic API integrations
  • ...

Middle Developer

  • 2+ years of dev experience
  • Basic BLE integrations
  • Basic map integrations
  • E-commerce

Senior Developer

  • 4+ years of dev experience
  • Advance BLE integrations
  • Advance map integrations
  • In-app map navigation

When to hire a dedicated
app developer?

Hiring a full-time app developer is the preferred option for agencies that have two or more new apps to be built every month, or a mix of projects and smaller tasks like maintenance and updates to existing sites. We recommend to start with a couple of fixed-price projects so we can learn your preferences and show you our work before you hire a full-time WordPress developer from us.

Working hours

Our standard working hours are 8am – 5pm CET and we work successfully with many partners in different time zones like in the US.

We’re happy to share our experience on how to make it work effectively, and under certain conditions it may also be possible to make additional adjustments to our working hours in order to facilitate cooperation with you as our partner.

So what’s next?

Let’s talk about your next project!